November 12

A Cherokee By Any Other Name…

Frequently, we will have scrub shoppers come in looking for a specific style…and the conversation will go something like this:

Employee: “Hello! Welcome to Medi-Scrubs. Can we help you find anything today?”

Customer: “I’m looking for Cherokee.”

Employee: “Can you be a bit more specific? Any particular line or style?”

Customer: “No, just Cherokee scrubs.”

Employee: “Okay, um…”

That generally ends with a blank look from the customer, wondering why we aren’t pulling out the one style they have in mind.

The problem with this scenario is that asking for Cherokee is like walking into a car dealership and asking for a Ford. Sure, they have those. Lots of Fords on the lot. But are you looking for a sports car? An SUV? A pickup truck? A sedan? An electric vehicle? Ford makes all those…and more.

Cherokee makes a LOT of different scrub lines. In fact, they are the largest scrubs manufacturer, hosting lots of different brands, each with tons of different lines. From brick and mortar retailer only lines like Allura, HH Works and Med Couture Insight to widely recognized lines like Workwear, Infinity, Form, Med Couture, Healing Hands and more – all manufactured by Careismatic Brands, the owner of Cherokee.

And, if that wasn’t complex enough, they also own Dickies, HeartSoul, Tooniforms and Medelita. Dizzy yet? Us too!

Usually, when someone is asking for Cherokee, it is a safe bet they are looking for Cherokee Workwear: the old tried and true medical scrub that started it all. But not always. It can be challenging to help the customer discover what they are looking for, based on the single criteria of “Cherokee”. We want to help you, we really do! 

But we are going to have to ask some questions (at the risk of sounding like pushy salespeople) to help narrow down your options. Remember, we are all in this together: you need scrubs, we help you find what you want. 

An easier way? Take our free scrubs quiz to help you narrow down your options BEFORE you get to the store! Going in, armed with information, seeking a few specific styles that meet your exact criteria is a great way to reduce frustration and make scrub shopping way more fun! 

Make sure you tell us what you think – and if you have any suggestions on how to make your scrub shopping experience more enjoyable, please let us know!


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