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What we do

We take the mystery out of scrub shopping!

Have you ever walked into a scrub shop or uniform store? The choices are overwhelming! All the brands, lines, colors, styles, price levels...it's enough to make your head spin. And online shopping is even worse - all those options and you can't try it on!

That's where we come in! Dive in to learn about the different brands, lines, styles, colors and more to find your perfect set of scrubs!


Scrubs come in many styles, colors, materials and fits. Which is right for you? We can help!

Jackets and Lab Coats

Seems simple, right? Finding the right lab coat or scrub jacket can take HOURS! We can help!


Accessories are your tools of the trade - but is there really a quality difference between stethoscopes? We can help!

Careismatic Brands

Cherokee Uniforms

Cherokee Uniforms is comprised of many popular lines that feature updated styling, innovative features, stretchy fabrics, contemporary fits and all the comfort and professionalism that Cherokee is known for! Lines include Allura, iFlex, Infinity, Form, Cherokee x Cherokee, Tooniforms and the new Atmos! Cherokee is way more than just workwear - it's a whole uniform movement!

Cherokee Workwear

Where it all started! Cherokee Workwear set the standard for medical uniforms in 1995 and is still going strong. Considered basic compared to the more updated fabrics and styles available in other lines, it still remains a popular choice for many. Includes Workwear Originals, Workwear Professionals, Workwear Revolution and Workwear Core Stretch.


The name Dickies is synonymous with WorkWear! Founded as a workwear company way back in 1922, Dickies is known for well-crafted, durable, thoughtful clothing designed to fit your worklife...and your wallet...just right!


Heartsoul is made of sugar and spice and everything nice! Beautiful fabrics, sweet embellishments, youthful fits and flattering styles designed with the younger (and younger at heart) medical workforce in mind!

Healing Hands

Healing Hands was started in 1997 after the founder (fashion designer Bansi Lakhani) found himself in need of major healthcare and was so thankful to the nurses that he began designing scrubs from the heart. Pouring his passion into each design, Healing Hands scrubs combine both function and fashion and add in a dose of inspiration for those hard days! Healing Hands was acquired by Careismatic brands in 2021.

Med Couture

Med Couture (and its brother brand RothWear) produce fashion forward medical apparel designed for the fashion conscious medical worker who wants to look and feel their best while helping others do the same! Med Couture was acquired by Careismatic Brands in 2022.

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why we do it

We’ve been there

This site is maintained by nurses. Nurses who own a uniform store - and nurses who work in healthcare settings. We understand the challenges healthcare workers face when trying to find the perfect scrubs.  And we want to help.

Because the better you look, the better you will feel - about yourself and the care you provide. The more you know, the easier it is to find the perfect style and fit!

We bring innovation to buying scrubs

Technology helps make things easier - but only when it is applied properly. Until now, no one has figured out how to apply technology to buying scrubs. When you think about it, it is really just a formula. What features are must have's? Which fabrics are your go-to? What styles do you reach for?

We gather this information through strategic and thoughtful questions (just like a nursing assessment!) and then match you with the styles that we think fit your criteria the best! Best of all...it's FREE!


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